Gray Creek Store History Walking into the Gray Creek Store is like stepping back in time. Founded in 1913 by Arthur Lymbery, and expanded by his son Tom, and now Tom’s son David, Gray Creek Store is one of the oldest family-owned and operated businesses in the province.¬† During the summer, fourth generation Lymberys can be spotted helping out in the store.

Known as a “legendary merchandiser,” we are listed in European tour guides as a “must see” place to visit.

Gray Creek Store is located at the original landing site of the sternwheeler ships that once carried passengers and goods across Kootenay Lake. The area was built around mining, prospecting, logging and homesteading, and many folks¬† needed supplies and services coupled with convenience. We were the post office, the dry goods store, and the original home of “one-stop shopping.” To this day, Gray Creek Store still prides itself on serving the needs of the Kootenay Lake community.

Gray Creek Store is your connection to the Kootenay Lake Chamber of Commerce. Call us with any questions about the East Shore including the ferry service, and updated information about the Gray Creek pass.