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ULC S-629 Chimney Standards

The ULC standard for chimney is generally considered the toughest residential chimney standard in the world, much more intensive than the testing done in the USA. So just because a chimney system meets US standards it may not be legal in Canada. If the make and model of chimney you are buying is NOT tested to ULC-S629 it is not legal to install in Canada!


ICC EXCEL brand chimney was the first 1-inch insulated wall chimney made; it has been in production for over 20 years and is one of the only chimneys with 1″ insulation to meet the ULC-S629 standard. EXCEL has a unique thermoplus insulation with an extremely high insulating value that helps to keep flue gasses hot. So the chimney warms faster and minimizes the creosote condensation in a hot flue.

EXCEL doesn’t stop there! It is also the most lightweight insulated chimney of its kind. This low thermal mass also helps it to heat quickly and again enables it to minimize creosote formation.  EXCEL incorporates a continuous blanket insulation into a design which eliminates couplings between lengths. There are no gaps in the insulation and no hot spots on the outside, or cool spots on the inside.

EXCEL has welded seams, interior and exterior.

EXCEL is secured by screws and not twist lock for an uncompromising connection.

EXCEL has limited lifetime warranty, even in event of chimney fire.

EXCEL has a small outer diameter so often the cutting of joists and rafters is not necessary. The small diameter also makes the chimney far less likely to dent and easier to install.