Home Delivery

Keep COVID down – with free home delivery 3 days a week!

To place your ordersCall: 250-227-9315 * Email: orders@graycreekstore.com

Our service area is between Riondel and the Glass House and if we sell it, we’ll bring it – no order too small or too large…

Delivery Days and Times:

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Delivery time: 2 pm- 5:30 pm

Same day order deadline: 12 noon

How It Works:

*Call in or email us your order. If it’s in before noon on the delivery day you will get it same day. Orders taken on a delivery day after 12pm will likely be brought on the next delivery day. It takes time to process orders so please be respectful of our time frame so we can keep everything moving smoothly for everyone.

*Once you order we’ll ring it through and you can prepay with a credit card or e-transfer, or we’ll take cash on delivery (exact change or let us know your denominations so we can get you the right change). DO NOT email your credit card information – please call 250-227-9315 with credit card info.

*We bring you your stuff some time between 2pm and 5:30pm. Delivery time will depend on where you live and how many deliveries we need to make. We will try to accommodate more specific delivery times if we can, but we cannot guarantee them.

Because of our COVID protocol we will not be bringing things into your house and everyone has to keep their distance (Contactless Delivery). Thanks for helping keep our community safe. 

Email to order: orders@graycreekstore.com

Call to order: 250-227-9315. If the line is busy leave us your name and phone number and we’ll call you back.

COVID-Safe Return Policy – click here