Chimneys Part 3 – Blowin’ In the Wind – Weather and Woodstoves. This article deals with the question “Why does my stove work better on some days than others?” You’ve probably noticed that sometimes you wave a match at your fire and it lights, but sometimes it seems like some magic force is working againstContinue reading

Chimneys Part 2: What Is Your House Doing To Your Wood Stove? In understanding how your wood stove works it’s important you know some of the factors affecting it. The weather pays a big role, but not as big the house surrounding the stove. A stove will tend to work better on an upper floorContinue reading

Chimneys Part 1: What’s Your Chimney Done For You Lately? Once I started in the stove department I was surprised at how little I knew about the fire raging in the middle of my house. There’s a lot to know – this is the first in a series of articles explain what’s going on withContinue reading